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Personal Histories
Your Story Matters

Click on the video buttons above to see short video segments from the longer interview.

As we walk through life, historic events or movements affect our lives. Also, in ways both small and large, we affect the lives of those around us – and ultimately the course of history because historic events only matter when they affect the lives of ordinary, everyday people. To put it another way, your stories can actually inform history, both for your family and professional historians.

Too often these critical and engaging stories can be lost. Never recorded. Never passed on to succeeding generations. Never preserved for history.

The Ganzel Group Communications can help. We offer clients professionally-produced video oral history interviews cataloged and preserved on either in Standard Definition TV on DVD or on a Blu-Ray Disc in High Definition. These personal histories can be preserved and shared with your family members and – if you approve – archived by the Nebraska Historical Society.

Personal histories matter. Every life is worth preserving. The Ganzel Group Communications has the technical expertise, the passion to preserve oral histories and the compassion to tell your story accurately.

Packages Available

We offer three different video packages, plus a still photograph package and a funeral memorial package. Click here for details.

Archival Preservation

If you wish, your story will be archived and preserved at the Nebraska State Historical Society for future generations of historians and students. Details are here.

Your Interviewer

Bill Ganzel has over 25 years experience as an interviewer, video producer, author and photographer. There is more about your interviewer here.

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