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Web Projects Produced by the Group

The Wessels Living History Farm web site is attracting over 100,000 individual visits per month. The site has over 600 stories about the history of agricultural innovation throughout the 20th century. It relies heavily on over 600 video oral history interview segments. It was chosen as "one of the best online resources for education in the humanities" by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). It attracts over 150,000 visitors during a typical month.

Wessels Living History Farm

Educator's Virtual Mentor uses streaming video of master teachers to demonstrate the latest pedagogical, classroom management and brain research concepts for education. The site is database driven and has over 1,000 video segments in both QuickTime and Flash Video. Users can search for examples of over 50 educational concepts demonstrated in real classrooms at a variety of grade levels and academic disciplines. The site uses MySQL and PHP to deliver its rich content.

Educator's Virtual Mentor

Indian Country Diaries is a two-program documentary series produced by Native American Public Telecommunications that aired on PBS in November 2006. The Ganzel Group was hired to produce the content for a web site on, a study guide and a DVD. The Web Site has around 200 stories covering a wide range of Native American topics. The Ganzel Group was also responsible for selecting, editing and compressing a series of streaming video clips for the site.

Indian Country Diaries

The Nebraska Surgery Center web site is the corporate home this innovative surgical center. Since 1999, the Nebraska Surgery Center has specialized in providing safe, high quality and affordable surgical care for patients who don't need an overnight hospital stay.

Nebraska Surgery Center