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"Full Circle" Photographs by Bill Ganzel

Each of these photographs are stitched together from up to 12 individual frames shot using a special VR tripod head. These present a full circle view of urban and rural landscapes – the edge of the frame on the left matches the edge on the right. Hence, "full circle."

My friend Keith Jacobshagen says these panoramas "command you to evaluate the 'truth' of the photograph." For one thing, normal photographs have a single vanishing point, but these images have an infinite number of vanishing points. North, south, east and west all exist in one image. On the vertical images, front, back, up and down exist in one image. Most importantly for me, they're just fun.

Joslyn's Discovery Garden
Jun Kaneko's Ascent
Pioneer Park, Lincoln Nebraska
Central Park, New York City
Plymouth Church
Burkholder Alley
Cloud Gate sculpture under repair, Chicago
Springtime Magnolias at Dusk
Atlas Missile
Bike Path in Snow
Woodshire Park, Lincoln
Unity Temple, Chicago
St. Paul Methodist Church, Lincoln

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